Custom luxury car interior

Audi RS6

Custom Shop: Vilner Most Outrageous Feature: Kawasaki green details It’s Vilner, which means quality leatherwork is expected by you, even if you don’t necessarily love the aesthetic that is particular. Keep in mind, the proprietor asked the firm to do this. The inside is well made in Alcantara and Nappa as far as the eye could see. The outside is a significant plastic wrap of NO that is two-toned. Take our word for this.

Mansory McLaren MP4-12C

Custom Shop: Mansory Most Outrageous Feature: Soft, supple, yet exceptionally hardy and leather inside that is flawless A normal McLaren MP4-12C seemingly wasn’t insane. Mansory had to take it that bit further. In itself, is insanity. We suppose it’s no Koenigseggseggseggsegg Agera R, but still.

Mercedes-Benz W112 Gentle Pagoda

Custom Shop: Vilner Most Outrageous Feature: That diamond-stitched embroidery goes everywhere You know a car is over-the-top with luxury as soon as your suitcases can ride in style from the trunk. We pity the fool who drags a wheeled bag before tossing it though.

Mansory Renovatio Mercedes-Benz McLaren SLR 199

Custom Shop: Mansory Most Outrageous Feature: The inside If your sainted grandmother had a shit-ton of money and wanted some cushy padded toilet seats, they would probably look similar to this. What happened?

Audi R8 China Edition

Custom Shop: Audi Factory Most Beautiful Feature: Sharkskin leather inside This inside might be a kinder approach after carrying their fins for shark fin soup to manage those sharks. Chinese-market Audi, nice move. Wonderful move.

Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid

Custom Shop: Lumma Design Most Outrageous Feature: That black and orange sports car interior You drive a hybrid, because it is going to save you money at the fuel pump, right? So, why not invest that extra dough on this Lumma Designs package? You can bet it’s going to match a Minumum of One pair of kicks


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