Diy car decorations wedding

Kate Spade New York Window Cling

This amazing Kate Spade decal will result in sweet and fun pictures and tasteful and also an understated design. The white decal is one bit, measuring 8″ x 24″, and will operate both on sedans and SUVs. The decals are applied from the car’s inside and can be smoothed down, eliminating any bubbles, together with the back of a credit card or washcloth. Wetting the decal marginally with soapy water helps it to adhere. If you enjoy this line from Kate Spade, then it is also possible to shop these extra-large 30″ Mr. and Mrs. balloons to complete your decorations.

White Chalk Glass & Car Markers

If none of the pre-made options with this list are exactly what you’re searching for when it comes to post-wedding car decorations, it is possible to easily DIY. These white calk markers go on to any non-porous surface (such as the windows of the car) easily and wash off effortlessly, using a moist cloth. Buy your message to be written by some letter/number stencils, if you are not confident in your own design. The fine tip makes it effortless to control and keep the finished product professional looking and clean. Want to decorate with colour? This similarly price liquid chalk marketplace set includes 12 colors for a price.

The paper Balls using a Simply Board

It’s a simple tweak for the aforementioned idea. You’ll have paper flowers or newspaper chunks. Top it with a “Just Married” plank to the car’s boot to complete the look. The “Just Married” boards with easy-to-remove two side decals are also available at the convenience store, so it’s almost a ready-made DIY idea.

Bridal Car Window Cling 11 Piece Set

This understated and simple car decorating collection is just one of the alternatives. It comprises 11 various pieces, perfect for covering all sides of the car such as the rear windshield. The vinyl sticks to the car so no tape or adhesive is essential and may be removed without leaving any residue. The pieces range between 2.5 to 8 inches high, covering a good amount of space.

Bow-Tie Wedding Car Decoration

If you’d like your car to be untouched, however have subtle decoration to indicate the daythen this simple bow tie on the door handle is your very best bet.


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